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You are so, so sure there's treasure in the cave. Just a little bit further on than your light reaches. Juuuuust a little further.

No, further.

Go on.

This is completely safe.
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 Damn, it's been a while. Like whole ruling families have changed and that whole deal. Sei wakes up from a long nap and, throwing caution to the winds, pushes her standing curtain aside to stretch (and conveniently show off her sleeves in the kerria-yellow combination*) in full view of the other dwellers of the cave.

She's hungry. Holy fuck. Where's the pissbitching soup? Who's even trying to keep track of shit? Nobody, that's who. It' shameful, and not even in a poetic way. 

"Where is the sweet flag broom," she intones meaningfully, "to sweep this grass-thatched hut?" AND WHERE THE HELL IS IT, HUH? WHERE? Her arms are just totally on display here, somebody had better pay some godsdamned attention. 

* motherfucker
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 [today, there's a rather large dog sitting, looking very reserved while gazing at the sky above the Fussin' Overlook]

[the dog seems rather familiar: there's something in its expression—and I mean, there can't be that many white dogs with red accents who have two swords strapped to their backs.] 
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[You've been wandering for awhile! The Plains of Spite are indeed full of spite, in that you keep tripping in holes in the ground and almost landing right on your face. It's a good place to wander around, though, and to practice with your sickles a little. ...possibly also to yell at the sky because you hate everything, but then the big animal somebody said is called an alot of crankiness had made a weird noise right back in your face and gone back to chewing on grass.

Anybody out on the plains probably sees you standing there! Your sickles are not captchalogued because that alot looks really sketchy and you might need them on short notice, but you're not actively practicing right now.]
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I don't suppose there's anyone who can take me for a sparring partner?
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Boy Valentine's Day was sure an adventure, wasn't it? Gosh, it's a good thing all that's over with.

Have a mingle post! If you're starting a new thread, mention where you are in the subject line. Tag each other, hang out, do whatevs.


Feb. 13th, 2012 07:07 pm
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[Gosh you guys, there must be a holiday on! One of the bigger, more well-lit caves has been decked out for a PARTY, with heart-shaped BALLOONS and also red and white STREAMERS decking the stalactites and shit. There are BUCKETS filled with LITTLE CANDY HEARTS, and there is a FOUNTAIN featuring a rosy-cheeked CUPID who is PEEING PINK LEMONADE into a basin. Also ther are CUPS in case you couldn't tell the LEMONADE was for DRINKING.

Also, everything is HEAVILY SPIKED WITH APHRODISIACS. Eating or drinking the party favors will make you want to MAKE OUT with anyone who gets IN STRIKING DISTANCE. Have fun with that!]
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[what the hell, the brochures said nothing about a hot spring! but WHO CARES it'll be fun and there's pretty much enough light to see by in this part of the caves. Also there is still no lifeguard on duty, but there are little bat-eared monkey things hopping around the rocks so probably there's nothing too predatory in the water. And it's all steaming and warm -- if you're a lifeform that enjoys warm water, anyway, you're in for a treat! Almost certainly nothing could go wrong here. Just keep an eye on your valuables; those little buggers have clever paws.]

((Mingle post go! Tag each other, have fun.))
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[On the Plains of Spite, there is plenty of room to pit yourself against whatever is chasing you down. Celes has been doing this for nearly an hour, sending herself on sprint drills followed by sets of push-ups as close to the lake as she can manage without (probably) having to draw her sword. She finishes a sprint and pauses to heal the ankle she just strained.]

[A shadow falls over her and she looks up warily, to see something alarmingly like a tentacle hovering over her.]


[She draws her sword]
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[In a particularly nasty part of the already generally unpleasant cave, John Egbert descends, catching himself before he takes a nasty fall. This place sure doesn't look familiar but that's okay. Nothing has looked familiar in a while! Instead of climbing down the steep decline, John floats down because gosh, floating is awesome; he's pretty that if floating were a thing people could just do, shoes would be totally obsolete.

Landing at the bottom of whatever makes up caves - biology is his thing, not geology! - John looks around.]

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[It's the Nasty Forest! It's dark and grotty here and there's bears and foxes and whales and such. It's a lovely day and there's squirrels fistfighting with birds and everything and there is also Queen Elizabeth, the first one, who is standing next to a picnic basket. She looks cross. Her ruff? ENORMOUS. It's so majestic that it pokes up above the treetops a little bit.]


That doesn't do anything, which makes her angry. That usually does something, when she says that.


Still nothin'.


Oh for fuck's sake. She huffs down in the middle of her skirt, which could harbor two cars and a cow, and gets stuck into one of the teacakes. There's brandy too, she'll probably start on that later.
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[In the one of the more livable regions of the cave this afternoon (evening? who even knows, in here), Tavros is examining a troll-sized tub of green slime that the fuk dwarves have just finished making for him. It's a deep, pearly pink, and the opening at the top of it looks like...well, let's be polite and say it looks like a Georgia O'Keeffe painting. The fuk dwarves have ideas about what holes in things should look like (nsfw).]

Wow, that's, a lot fancier, than I was expecting, with the decorative folds, and everything....

((pester Tavros about his obscene home furnishings! or pester the fuk dwarves for inappropriate boons of your own. everybody needs more decorative genitals in their lives, right?))
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[if you look upon the The Fussin' Overlook  this lovely afternoon, you will notice a giant robot standing with his hands idly on his hips with a serene expression on his face, quietly enjoying the sunset]

[it's also raining like fuck, but he doesn't seem to care.] 
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Oh, my-- it sure is dark in here, isn't it? It's a good thing I've got a flashlight.

Is anybody else lost down here? Stay where you are and call out, and I'll come to you with the light. I've learned my lesson about letting people run into cave walls in the dark!
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